13 Cool and Creative Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

13 Cool and Creative Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

Find the best creative wedding favor ideas for guests. Our guide to the most unique and affordable wedding favor ideas. 



You have probably come across the fact that you need to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. Sometimes it might be hard to fit this into a limited budget and think of some unique wedding favors so here is the list of best wedding favor ideas.



Handmade soap as wedding favors

This one is amazing if you are getting married in summer and outdoors. Handmade soaps are very cute and can be personalized. You can even make them yourselves or purchase from local business. Create the soaps you would love. 




People love donuts. That’s a fact. You can give out personalized boxes for families, for example. Or just a donut in a box per person. And be sure people will totally love to take them home or eat right at the wedding. 



Flower Arrangements

You can make another use of your flower decorations at the end of the wedding. Let your guests build their own flower arrangement using your wedding ones. Use simple glass vases or something more sophisticated to let them take flowers home. 



Candy Apples

Caramel-covered apples are sweet and tasty they can be an awesome wedding favor gift especially if you’re getting married in the fall. 



Personalized Blankets as wedding guest favors

This option is more expensive, starting at $230 on Etsy. But the blankets can also be very useful if it’s chilly outside during your wedding, you don’t want anyone to freeze. You can create your personalized pattern, monogram, date or initials so that it reminds your guests of a wedding. 



Mini Champagne Bottles

You can find them at $16 on Etsy. You can create a custom label and send your guests home with mini champagne bottles, or use wine, beer, juice or cold brew coffee bottles. 



Tea Towels

You can find them at $95 on Etsy and they are so awesome. Create your personalized tea towels for your guests. Write your favorite love quote or something about the wedding. They are only decorative and very fancy.



Cocktail Shakers

The price for cocktail shakers starts at $30 on Williams Sonoma. They are more than useful and will remind your guests of the wedding whenever they shake a cocktail. 




If you plan your wedding in fall miniature pumpkins can be an extremely creative wedding favor. There will be lots of them in different colors and shapes. Their pricing starts at $7 on Amazon. 



Garden Seeds – a unique wedding favor idea

This idea is cute, useful and not expensive (will cost you around $2.50 per person) especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Try to choose easy-to-grow plants such as lemongrass, basil, lavender or mint. 




Macaroons are sweet, elegant and easy to carry around. Put them into the little boxes for your guests. A perfect idea if your wedding is Paris-themed.



Cocktail Kits as wedding gifts for guests

Do your wedding guests like to party? Then cocktail kits are an awesome wedding favor idea for your guests. You can personalize them and add whatever you want inside. The pricing starts at $20 on Amazon.



Cookie Sandwiches

Give your guests a chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. They are delicious and everyone loves them. They are as sweet as your love ceremony.

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