It Is All About The Bow

One of the trendiest accessories on wedding dresses this season are bows. This girly element adds a romantic charm to every dress thanks to its playful twists it adds to the overall look. The seemingly standard ‘’bow in the back’’ option that we are used to takes on all kinds of different twists this year. From oversized bows in the back and avant-garde options to cute ‘’bow-like-sleeves’’ on an off the shoulder neckline.


If you are looking for something super stylish for your big day, bows are definitely something you should consider this year. It is not an over the top accessory that would make you feel uncertain about your choice at the end of the day, yet it is something eye catching and unique enough for you to step out of the crowd. Bows are interesting elements, since they are classy, yet whimsical, girly and playful.


Even the most simple dress becomes unique with a bow element. Add a bow to a seemingly strict modest wedding dress and your romantic look is ready and good to go!


Since we always follow the latest trends and offer only the hottest designs to our Clients, we have quite the selection of wedding dresses styled with all kinds of bows.


Just take a look and do not forget to let me know which bow is your favorite one!




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