Princess Turned Mermaid

Are you facing a dilemma in terms of what dress silhouette to choose for your big day? Since you were a little girl, dreaming of your Prince Charming, have you always been for that one special day on which you will be able to turn into a fairytale princess? And now, since the day is approaching and you are finally going through the endless options of breathtaking wedding dresses, have you found yourself wondering, if a mermaid silhouette would not be the one right for you after all?


You should definitely make no compromises. It is your day and you should be able, in a true fairytale fashion, get whatever your heart desires. Our designers, who are truly the fairy godmothers and godfathers of the fashion industry, will help you with that.


You do not have to choose from two of your favorite silhouettes, you can wear only one wedding dress but have two silhouettes implemented in it at once.


We are talking about the two in one wedding dresses! A dress that will allow you to become a beautiful elegant mermaid, by simply removing the puffy princess skirt, whenever you feel like it during the night. And whenever you want to become a princess again for a moment, you can simply put that puffy princess skirt back on – the night will be yours!


There are so many diverse options for you to choose from, just look at the selection of some of the most interesting designs below!


Which dress would you choose for your transformation? Let me know in the comments.



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