4 Biggest Wedding Dress Trends Of 2021

Two In One Wedding Dresses

Sources say, that a lot of brides today are not only searching for one, but for two wedding outfits. Looking for one perfect wedding dress is stressful as it is, let alone looking for two equally gorgeous dresses for your big day. But the heart wants what it wants, especially when it comes to something for such an important day as your wedding day. Are you feeling confused about what to do? The answer is quite simple – two in one wedding dresses.

With two in one wedding dresses, you do not need to compromise with yourself and make a decision on what would be the most universal and convenient option, you can have both, convenience as well as the showstopping moment that you have dreamed about your whole life. With two in one wedding dresses, you can live out your Disney princess dream in a classical Ball gown/Princess silhouette wedding dress and then dance the night away in a stunning form fitting Trumpet/Mermaid silhouette wedding gown. But the silhouette is not the only way how you can transform your wedding dress, there are plenty of variations how you can change up your wedding outfit throughout your big day – there are extravagant removable sleeves, boleros, overdresses, removable trains and more.

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Simple Wedding Dresses

Another option that a lot of brides are looking into these days are simple wedding dresses. With Covid-19 changing our perception of many things in life, for many, weddings are no exception. Many brides are, therefore, looking for a simpler wedding dress for a smaller ceremony. Such dress can then often be used on many different occasions. But do not mix simplicity with boredom, quite on the contrary! After all, simplicity is the key to sophistication.

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Bridal Separates

We are all sick of hearing about Covid-19 at this point, but like it or not, it has become a part of our lives. This is why another big trend this year are bridal separates. Future brides tend to look more and more into versatile options for their wedding outfits and separates is another great option to do that! Just like with two in one wedding dresses, purchasing bridal separates will allow you to style your wedding outfit in different ways. Additionally, you can then wear your wedding top or wedding skirt/pants on different occasions, mixed with different outfits.

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Wedding Dresses With Exaggerated Puff Sleeves

If you want to live out your dream wedding in your dream wedding dress no matter what, then we have a gorgeous chic new trend for you this year! Exaggerated puff sleeves! Designers love playing with big puffy sleeves this year, creating beautiful fusions of classic wedding dress designs with extravagant statement puff sleeves, big removable sleeves and more and we can not help it but we love it!



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