7 fun bridal shower game ideas

7 fun bridal shower game ideas

Discover the best bridal shower games for large and small groups. These unique bridal shower games and activities will guarantee a fun night. 


Bridal shower games and activities often get a bad rap for being boring, vulgar or cliche. However, they don’t need to be that! There are lots of fun and unique bridal shower activities and games that you can play during your bridal shower that will make guests never want to leave the party. Below you will find a few examples of bridal shower games for every taste. 


Hold a recipe contest at your bridal shower

While this bridal shower activity may not be “fun” in the traditional sense of the word, many guests and the bride will definitely appreciate it. Tell your guests about the contest in advance and ask them to bring their favorite recipes written down on cards. Then you can choose the winner and maybe give them a small prize. Guests can even bring small samples of dishes for the contest. 


Make your own cocktails

A healthy dose of alcohol is one of the sure-fire ways to ensure that everyone has fun at a bridal shower, so why not take this opportunity and turn it into a fun contest for your guests? Stock up on cocktail ingredients before the party and then invite guests to attempt to create a signature drink for your wedding. You can then serve the winning entry at your big day or not, but the contest will sure make the evening more fun. 


Bouquet making as a bridal shower activity

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love flowers, so holding a bouquet making contest can be a fool-proof activity for your bridal shower. Just stock up on a variety of different flowers, greenery, feathers, ribbons and anything else that might look good in a bouquet and have your guests get in touch with their inner florists. It doesn’t matter whether they win or not, everyone will get to take a beautiful flower arrangement home. 


Guess the details  – an easy bridal shower game

If you’re looking for an easy way to entertain your bridal shower guests that doesn’t require a lot of preparation, play the guessing game. The guests simply need to guess the details of your wedding – anything from cake flavor to your dress style – whoever guesses the most details wins. 


Sexy and fun bridal shower game

If you’re holding your bridal shower in spring or summer you can bring a few bowls of cherries to your bridal shower and have guests try to tie knots with the stems in their mouths. Whoever ties the knot first will be the winner. 


Cold feet – a unique bridal shower game

You will need a few rings and a bucket of ice for this well-named game. The premise is simple – your guests will take turns trying to fish as many rings as they can from a bucket of ice. The trick is, of course, that they have to do this with their feet.

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