7 new wedding trends of 2019

In the past, weddings used to be very traditional, there was little room for couples to personalize the event and show off their personalities. Today, however, the book of wedding ideas is fuller than ever – there are countless choices for everything from location to flowers. But even with all of this variety, there are still new wedding trends popping up every year, giving you even more brilliant choices for your wedding. Here are our top picks for the best wedding trends of 2019.

Dark color scheme – the top new wedding trend of 2019

Traditionally, wedding color palettes include soft pastel colors, but who says you can’t go for something a little more bold? In 2019 lots of couples went for an edgy, dark color scheme for their weddings and we absolutely love it. But what’s even more interesting is that lots of couples choose to combine colors that don’t usually go well together and it creates a truly unique wedding.

Traditional weddings are making a return in 2019

Even though lots of couples are trying to spice up their weddings and bring something new to the table in 2019, tons more are going back to basics and choosing to throw traditional grand weddings with huge ballrooms, pink rose centerpieces and elegant dinnerware.

Unique wedding cakes – the tastiest new wedding trend

In the past few years most couples chose to forego the traditional wedding cake and choose to go with a variety of smaller treats instead – cupcake bars were one of the most popular choices. However, in 2019 traditional wedding cakes started to make a come back. Statement cakes with bold decor, bright colors and unique decorations are especially popular today.

A royal touch – the hottest wedding trend of 2019

The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle attracted the attention of millions of people, and it’s no surprise that it became an inspiration for thousands of newly engaged couples. One of the most common things that people borrow from the most recent royal wedding is a huge flower arch at the entrance to the church or to the reception hall.

Unusual paper choices – the most unexpected new wedding trend

In 2019, traditional high-end paper and cardstock are not the top choice for wedding invitations anymore. More and more couples are opting for non-traditional materials when choosing stationery for their wedding invitations, save-the-dates and placement cards. Vellum is the new paper of choice for creating beautiful accents, but couples don’t stop there – materials like natural and faux leather and suede are becoming more popular together with gold leafing and acrylic.

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