7 Wedding Rituals To Symbolize Unity

7 Wedding Rituals To Symbolize Unity

Discover 7 awesome wedding ceremony ideas to celebrate help you celebrate unity and add a few unusual traditions to your wedding celebration. 


Your wedding day is an important event in life. You probably want everything to go perfectly and be the way you’ve imagined it. People choose to have differently styled weddings nowadays. There are some rituals people use during their wedding ceremony that symbolize unity and make the wedding more romantic. Those rituals tend to be rooted in faith and traditions but some are more modern. You can choose any of them that would suit your wedding style or come up with your own ideas. 


Sign the Ketubah to celebrate wedding unity

It’s originally a Jewish wedding tradition, however the act of signing a “marriage contract”, which is giving a promise to love and support each other no matter what, can be used in any culture. This special marriage contract (Ketubah) should be signed by two witnesses, and it is a great honor to be appointed as one. Then, after the newlyweds exchange the rings, this contract can be read out loud.


Wrap Yourselves in Blankets

Originally a Native American wedding ceremony tradition now can be used for any kind of wedding. There is a quilt wrapped around the newlyweds’ shoulders to symbolize warmth and togetherness in their future life. First of all, the groom and the bride are wrapped in two different blue blankets. Blue symbolizes elements of couple’s past. After an officiant blesses the union, couple is covered in a single white blanket. White stands for the couple’s dedication to filling their new lives with peace.


Exit Under an Arch of Swords

This is typically a military wedding tradition that symbolizes a pledge of fidelity and protection from the military to the couple. Couple exits the ceremony through the sword or saber arch created by service members for them. 


Have a Sundial Unity Ceremony

This tradition comes from Aran Islands of Ireland and is still widely used there. In Celtic sundial ceremony newlyweds need to touch each other’s fingers through the sundial’s hole as a symbol of confirmation of their union. They can also be asked by witnesses to pass a silk scarf through the hole three times and say their dreams out loud to make them come true. 


Light a Fire to Symbolize Unity

This African tradition of lightning flames for two familial houses and combining them represents their union. You can modify this tradition and just simply light a fire with your partner together. Your parents can also participate in ceremony as a special touch.


Have a Wine Ceremony

This practice was formed in Catholic and Jewish cultures. It has some variations. Some couples drink wine from the same cup while others pour their two cups of wine into one glass and then share it. Blending wine symbolizes blending two families together. It’s a symbol of your union and the life you’ll create together.


Receive “Tilak”

During this Indian wedding tradition the groom’s wedding procession should be welcomed by the bride’s family when they arrive at the ceremony site. The bride’s mother will then put tilak (red vermilion powder) on groom’s forehead as a sign of welcoming him into her family.

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