9 Affordable Engagement Gifts ($50 and Under)

9 Affordable Engagement Gifts ($50 and Under)

Creative engagement gift ideas that will surprise everyone at the engagement party. Find the best engagement present ideas here.  


Wedding is definitely expensive. There are so many little details that a couple should count in and pay for. You as a guest also have expenses. One of these things is an engagement gift. When a couple has officially decided to tie the knot (this includes getting a ring, popping the question, and saying yes), they need to celebrate their engagement according to the etiquette. So they throw an engagement party. Typically, you wouldn’t be required to get anything for the couple for this event but it’s a bad time to appear to a party empty-handed. Your gift should be appropriate and represent an occasion. However, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. So here are some great and affordable engagement party gift ideas you can use.


So what to give for an engagement party?


Chocolate for Two

Chocolate is always a good idea. You can buy any type of chocolate you want. There are many different stylized boxes available. Choose the one you like and can afford.


Wax Seal Kit

Wax Seal Kit is a great tool for personalizing pretty much everything. The newlyweds are about to start their journey of wedding preparation and would probably want to leave their trace on many things like wedding invitations or thank-you notes. 


A Special Cookbook

Cooking together is quite a romantic activity. You can give the new couple an opportunity to come up with their special recipes while cooking together. And cookbook can help you with this task. There are so many cookbooks available now. Choose the best one for you. By the way, Martha Stewart has even published a special book for newlyweds in the kitchen. 


Personalized Cheese Board

Everybody needs a cheeseboard. It’s fancy and useful. You can use for an elegant dinner or a backyard barbecue. For the engagement gift you can add a gold monogram to the board to make it more personalized. 


Lucky Wedding Planning Book

After the engagement party the couple is about to start planning their wedding day so they might ask for some tips. This special Lucky wedding planning back, written by former Martha Stewart Weddings executive editor Eleni N. Gage is a complete guide to various rituals and traditions for weddings from around the world. 


Love Letter Candle

Candles are romantic as they are but love letter candle are even more romantic and can serve as a perfect engagement gift. It’s flower-scented and you can choose the one you like. (Make sure the newlyweds will also like it)


Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers can be used for the wedding day but are also a great part of every party. 


Espresso Maker

A lot of people start their day with coffee and if your newlyweds fall into this category or you feel like they might you can give them an espresso maker as a wedding gift. You can make their together life fun and easier with this installment. 


Match Striker

This is a small ceramic piece that you install in the kitchen. It can be pretty functional if you use matches. So if you know that the couple will ever need to use the matches this can be cute and functional gift for them.

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