Asymmetrical Wedding Dresses

Utmost elegance is what makes the asymmetrical silhouette a unique and stylish option. First introduced in the Victorian era, the asymmetrical wedding dress is the ultimate embodiment of lady-like charm and grace.

Whether you want to show off your shoes or add a stylish peplum detail to make your wedding gown all more ravishing, the asymmetrical dress will be your ticket in the process.

There are all kinds of different ways in which asymmetry can be manifested in your wedding dress, from length, when you have a seemingly shorter wedding dress in the front with a surprising twist in the form of gorgeous train in the back, to the classic, the one sleeved designs with simply placed intriguing décor that creates an illusion of asymmetry. Your options are quite literally endless.

Asymmetrical wedding dresses are really perfect for any type of wedding. These dresses present the perfect blend of traditional and stylish, accentuating the neckline and embellishments of the gown in an ever so elegant way.

Take a look at our  section and some of my personal favorites below.


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