Average cost of wedding flowers and tips to lower it

The average cost of flowers for your wedding mostly depends on the scale of the wedding you want to have. If it is just you and your close ones you will probably only need a bridal and a bridesmaid bouquet, maybe some reception flowers. This probably won’t cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks. However, if you want to go all big and traditional, be prepared to spend a lot of money on flowers. Experts say that people usually spend 10% of their wedding budget on flowers. For most of the couples, this is the amount between $6,000 and $11,000. However, there is no limit to how high up your budget can go.

How to lower your wedding flowers costs?

Weddings are usually expensive and might cost your family a fortune. If you don’t want to spend even more money on flowers, you might want to consider these tips to lower your wedding flower expenses.

  1. Mix expensive and inexpensive flowers to lower your wedding flower budget. Some types of flowers usually cost more than others. Even if you want to go with a certain flower, you don’t have to use it in all your flower arrangements. You can use different types of flowers to create an image. And then use your favorite flower for the most important details like the bridal bouquet, for example.
  2. Select a venue that doesn’t require any flower decorations. If your wedding is in the park or in the garden, you wouldn’t need any flower arrangements there. Choose a place that is beautiful and doesn’t require you to spend money on flower decorations.
  3. Go with the same flowers for the ceremony and the reception. Even if your wedding ceremony and reception are held in different places, you don’t need to have two sets of flower arrangements. Choose some easily transportable flower arrangements that will be first installed for the ceremony and then moved to the reception during the cocktail hour.
  4. Choose seasonal flowers for your wedding. Why choose some flowers that are hard to get and, thus, that are very expensive. Go with some seasonal flowers that grow in your area. They are very easy to get and won’t cost you a fortune. Also, this is a good reason to have a wedding during spring or summer.
  5. Ask your florist for advice on your flower budget. There certainly are a lot of tips on how to save money on flower arrangements. However, you should keep in mind that every case is individual and there is no universal remedy for every couple getting married out there. Ask your florist for some insight. He might give you some pretty good alternatives.
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