Best beach places to celebrate honeymoon

In many people’s understanding perfect honeymoon is going to romantic place and spend your time by enjoying a good company of your new wife or husband. List of the best romantic places where you can go and fill your life with love and joy.

Honeymoon is one of the most pleasant times in whole life. Running from a routine with your new love, looking forward for new stages of being. Beaches were always the place where our everyday materialism just doesn’t matter. There is only you, your love, and beautiful nature with wonderful seaside. Our magnificent world is full of those places but not all of them are inhabited and have all the necessary conditions. It will fit you only if you want to have some Robinson Crusoe experience. So, here is a list of best beach places where you can enjoy your company with your new wife or husband.


Welp, this is classic. A dream vacation for most of the people who want to lose themselves among crystal white sand and azure sea. Of course, there is also a recognizable coral reefs that fit just perfect for the fauna of this place. And for you not to be disadvantaged exists a wonderful food that will definitely lift your body and spirit after a long walk.

Heron island

This island is located near Australia – just 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Gladstone, Queensland. What is special about that island is that it really has its wild world. Flora and fauna are under a strict security and number of tourists there is always limited. You can meet there whales, sharks, turtles and other representatives of the land. So, if you had a luck to visit this place, you’d never regret it. There is only one restaurant, but the size of island is quite small: only 800×300 meters.


This place doesn’t need an explanation about it. Everybody knows Hawaii, its traditions, friendly people and iconic greeting “Aloha”. Go there and you’ll feel a sinking into places you’ve always heard about and enjoy wonderful nature with sand, sea and whales. Also, you can watch whales jumping from the water on sunrise.

Saint John

Island is a part of Virgin Islands that belong to USA. It is very small and has a lot of 5 star hotels. That means, luxurious life is already provided. Also, you can stay here as camper and build your own tent. Of course, that is less comfortable, but you’ll have more possibilities to see the real nature here.

Ko Sichang, Thailand

Ko Sichang is very unusual island and not because of the weird fauna, but because there are many great historical places. You can go to many temples, visit ruins of the king’s palace. Also, there are many apes on this island, so the trip will surely be exciting.


Mallorca is a beautiful place with very wide variety of places to go. The architecture looks really cozy because of the short white houses that dominate all other buildings with their number. Beautiful beaches with pure water are guaranteed. This is an autonomous country of Spain and has a big territory, so you will definitely find a place to go. Shopping, eating, swimming, drinking – whatever you want.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is a very romantic place to go. And Santorini is the best example that won’t leave anyone indifferent. City is fully built of white houses that creates a lovely combination with Aegean Sea. It is your duty to meet sunset and sunrise there.


A paradise for downshifter and married couples. This place gives you not only a physical relaxation, but also mental and spiritual. People there are only adding a charming atmosphere to this place. Walking along rice fields with shining sun is a very pleasant thing to do. And of course there are many clear and beautiful beaches with warm ocean. The nature is wild and gorgeous as always. Truly magnificent place for everyone. Right from the start and till the end you will be infected with the lovely atmosphere and sincere feels with your second half. Feel of isolation near the seaside and beautiful forests will make everyone feel wonderful. In Bali, you and your life can commit one interesting feature – play wedding one more time, but don’t forget dress and suit.


Bora-Bora is a small island for couples that want to feel alone. There is big and green jungle, beautiful Pacific Ocean, wide variety of different animals and gorgeous sea world.

Abacos, Bahamas

This island is near Florida and a great alternative for it. It is not filled with tourists that are just everywhere, creating really unnecessary noise. Abacos was inhabited by British colonists and still remains as a residence for many of them. You can find their humble houses right on the narrow clean streets. Also, there is many lone beaches for couples to be alone, coral reefs and beautiful nature. Place is really quite, there is no loud cars, only boats and golf carts. Obviously, you can play golf there. And the most interesting part is that you can swim with cute little and not really piggies. There are many legends about how they got them. For example, legend says that they were brought by pirates as a provision if they would come back this path, but they didn’t, and since there, they started adapting to water and beaches. Pigs aren’t afraid of people and are always glad to see tourists and stick near them.

Ko Sichang, Thailand

Ko Sichang is a really unique place. It is filled with historical buildings. You can go there to different ancient temples and visit the ruins of palace of the king Rama V. Beautiful beaches and pleasant climate makes this place a paradise for honeymoon. The cuisine here is definitely tasty, but consists mostly of fish. One of the main “national minorities” here is apes. This is one of the main reasons to visit Ko Sichang. And as bonus you can get to Bangkok in a very short time. Ko Sichang is also a stop for many traders and by wish you can get some useful and not really things.

Belize, Central America

Tobacco Reef is an island that belongs as the territory of Belize and is definitely full of surprises and most of them are hidden under the water. Beautiful sea world really is breathtaking. Don’t forget to take accessories for snorkeling for you and your beloved one. Also there is a strand line that you can pass in several minutes, but don’t think that this is too short to go. The coral reef there continues to cut the Caribbean Sea miles and miles further from the beach. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful coconut palms and bungalows to live in.

When someone thinks of a honeymoon or a vacation, there’s always plenty of place in their heads for tropical places, where the sun is always bright and the sky is always blue. But the variety of these places is definitely huge

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