Best rehearsal dinner tips and tricks

Traditionally, a rehearsal dinner was thrown by the groom’s parents to make some final preparations and to make sure that all the key wedding players know what they are supposed to do. Usually, rehearsal dinner takes time the day before the real wedding, however, the schedule can be flexible. Nowadays they can be celebrated like a separate occasion. The rehearsal dinner is the grand kickoff to the upcoming festivities. It’s a great way to gather your wedding party, your immediate family and maybe even some guests who had to travel a long way to get to the wedding and share some intimate memories and emotions before you tie the knot. Rehearsal dinner also requires some planning. Here are some questions you should be ready to answer:

1. Who is hosting the rehearsal dinner?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents were paying for the wedding and the groom’s parents were hosting the rehearsal dinner. Nowadays, there are no strict rules. Maybe you are hosting both events yourself. Just make it all clear with your family and friends, so you can all plan in advance.

2. What is the rehearsal dinner theme?

You can make your rehearsal dinner a little bit more than just a dinner – turn it into a fun themed party. You can think of everything, the most important thing is that the theme you choose is comfortable for you and your family. Remember that the main point of the occasion is to share some intimate memories with your close circle. You can choose some culture-oriented theme and cook some traditional food, or you can throw the party outdoors and cook some barbecue. Do you live somewhere near the beach? Why don’t you throw a picnic there? You can also rent a stadium and hold a family baseball/football/soccer game. Do what makes you who you are!

3. What food to serve at the rehearsal dinner?

After you made up your mind on the theme, it should be pretty easy for you to come up with the menu for the rehearsal dinner. The easiest ways to provide your party with the food would be to hold the rehearsal dinner in your favorite restaurant or order a take out from your favorite place. There are so many options! However, you should take into consideration what you and your guests’ preferences are.

4. What are your rehearsal dinner venue options?

If you are hosting a themed party, you probably already have some possible venues in mind. If you are still thinking about it, you should know that the party can be held anywhere. It’s the people that matter. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can throw a party at your house, your parents’ house, your friends’ house, in the park, on the beach, in a restaurant etc. There are no limits.

5. Who to invite to the rehearsal dinner?

Come up with an adequate guest list. Usually, it will include your close family members, friends and anyone participating in the wedding ceremony. However, you do you.

And remember that the most important thing is to have fun!

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