How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

Pick bridesmaid dresses for different body types, hair and skin colors to help all of your bridesmaids look beautiful on your big day.


Keep the style of your wedding dress in mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses

The bride is always the star and center of every wedding, so you always want to keep your dress in mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses. In fact, pick your wedding dress before you even start looking for bridesmaid dresses. Once you have your dress, think about its style – you want to make sure that the fabric, neckline and style of your dress coordinate well with the bridesmaid dresses.


Consider your bridesmaids’ appearance when choosing the color of bridesmaid dresses


Every bridesmaid wants to look and feel beautiful at your wedding, and we’re sure that you want the same for your friends. Coincidentally, every person has colors that simply don’t look good on them. Try to avoid choosing these colors for your bridesmaid dresses. For instance, if one of your bridesmaids has red hair, avoid choosing red for the dresses.


Pick the right bridesmaid dress for different body types


If your bridesmaids all have different body types, try to select a style that will look great on all of them, such as an A-line dress. You can also take a more liberal approach and allow your bridesmaids to pick dresses in different styles that flatter them most while keeping the color and fabric of the dresses identical.


Pick bridesmaid dresses for appropriate weather


No matter how much you love that one bridesmaid dress you saw on Instagram, it’s not worth choosing it if your bridesmaid will be freezing all day long or in danger of passing out from the heat. If your wedding is in winter, try to pick long dresses from thicker fabrics and maybe add a warm faux fur cover up to the bridesmaid look. On the other hand, if your wedding is in summer, look for light breathable fabrics and shorter hemlines.


Be mindful of bridesmaid dress cost


While each bridesmaid understands that there’s extra cost associated with being in your wedding, you don’t want to make people spend more than what they are comfortable with. Try to think about how much your friends might be able to spend on bridesmaid dresses and don’t go over that sum when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids. Plus, remember that dresses will often need to be altered, which will also cost extra.


Start choosing bridesmaid dresses early


You might think that choosing bridesmaid dresses might be one of the last things you need to do for the wedding, but that’s not true – bridesmaid dresses can take up to 6 months to be made, so make sure that you pick and order them well in advance. You also need to allow at least a month for any alterations that your friends might need to get done.


Ask for bridesmaids’ opinions


Even though you’re the boss at your wedding, your bridesmaids will need to wear the dresses and feel beautiful and comfortable in them, so it might be a good idea to ask them what they might want the dresses to look like. You don’t have to follow every wish, but some of the ideas might be very useful and help you create a perfect look for the entire wedding party.

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