how to choose a perfect bridemaid dress

How To Choose a Perfect Bridemaid Dress

When figuring out your wedding’s clothes and decorations there are many factors that need to be considered and your bridesmaid dresses definitely belong to the top of this list. Some brides give their friends creative freedom on deciding what they want to wear, while others have a stronger standpoint when it comes to their perception on what their bridesmaids should look like. Treat your wedding dress as the pinnacle of the event, make all decisions around your dream dress and expect others to do the same. Despite the fact that selecting bridesmaid dresses is a very personal decision to make, we present you some of the latest trends that will make your best friends look stunning and vice versa make your wedding day unforgettable.


Nothing makes special occasion dresses more special than a delicate hand-embroidered applique. Choose unique embroidered gowns and beautiful beaded dresses and make your bridesmaids look absolutely stunning.
We absolutely adore the corset details and highly recommend highlighting either the front or the back part of the dress. Dresses with an open or an illusion back create a very elegant, yet daring look, while embroidery in the front gives the dress a very luxurious touch.

Shorter Dresses

We all know that floor-length dresses are beautiful, but sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for the look. Bridesmaids always need to be close to the bride for the whole day and get exhausted from holding their dresses up. In order to avoid this pain we present you a perfect solution for looking mesmerizing and feeling comfortable at the same time, namely shorter occasion dresses.

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