How to choose a wedding dress: 5 tips

Get our tips for how to choose the perfect wedding dress for your big day. Pick the right wedding dress style for you and look gorgeous when you walk down the aisle.


1.Think about the location of the wedding

Knowing when and where you’re getting married will help you select the perfect style for your wedding dress. Are you getting married in summer or winter? Will the ceremony be held outdoors, in a small cathedral or perhaps on a beach? Answers to these questions will help you choose the right fabric for your dress and the right style. For instance, heavier fabrics like velvet are more suitable for winter and fall weddings, while silk or chiffon would look better if your wedding is in summer.


2. How much do you want to spend on a wedding dress?

This is one of the first questions that come up when choosing a wedding gown. You need to figure out the budget for your wedding dress long before you actually start the hunt for the perfect dress. Keep in mind that your wedding look doesn’t end with a dress – you will also need jewelry, accessories, shoes, lingerie and other things like the services of a make up artist and a hairdresser. Normally, the bride’s wedding attire makes up about 10 to 15 percent of the total cost of the wedding. Shopping for a wedding dress online gives you many advantages, such as snatching a wedding dress for the fraction of its usual retail price, as some of the online wedding dress stores, such as DevotionDresses, are able to set the retail prices of their dresses to the minimum thanks to their direct collaboration with the manufacturers and due to their ability to cut additional overhead costs that are usually associated with a regular boutique. Another advantage that online stores have opposed regular shops are handy filters that will allow you to quickly eliminate dresses that do not correspond to your budget or style, saving you valuable time. If you are open to any style and budget, there are online stylists ready to help you choose the perfect dress, do not hesitate to contact them for recommendations and assistance. Another thing that will save both your time as well as your money, are the costs associated with alterations that are needed in most cases when buying a standard sized dress from a regular store. DevotionDresses sews each dress upon each Client’s individual measurements, ensuring a perfect fit, which means minus one more aspect for you to worry about.


3. Learn the lingo

Choosing the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for your wedding requires becoming an expert in everything dress-related – different styles, waists and necklines, fabrics, rhinestones, lace and more. Look at bridal magazines and websites to learn all the details about wedding dresses and save pictures of the dresses you like to help you get a better idea of what you want your dress to look like.


4. Plan shopping for your wedding dress

It is crucial to make a clear and detailed plan when it comes to choosing your wedding dress to avoid getting frustrated or stressed. Up until a couple of years ago you would start by making a list of all the bridal salons in the area and calling them to find out the price range of dresses they carry, what designers they have, whether they also do alterations, sell accessories and everything else that could be important. You would try visiting no more than 2 stores per day and write down everything about every dress you liked so you don’t forget the dress later – many salons prohibit customers from taking photos unless they buy the dress. However nowadays, you can simply pull out your phone and start your hunt online, taking screenshots of all the dresses that you like, saving the dresses that catch your eye in your favorites list that you can then share with your friends and family. This will save a lot of your time and you will have a much wider range to choose from, since salons are able to carry only a certain number of designs, whereas online you have almost an endless catalog of various styles to choose from.


5. Bring someone along for support

Before an era of online shops, you would have to plan your trip to the wedding salons taking into consideration not only your own schedule, but other people’s schedules as well, as you would normally try not to go dress shopping alone – but you would most likely want to bring your mom, sister or best friend with you and you would not be able to invite too many people – only one or two, otherwise it would get crowded. You would have to make sure that you trust the person who comes along to tell you their honest opinion and that they actually have a good taste. If you already had some piece of your wedding attire like the jewelry or the shoes, you would have to bring them with you. Today, however, we live in an era, where you don’t need to make any sacrifices anymore. You don’t have to manage your time around other people’s schedules or choose between four of your best friends as to who will be the chosen one going hunting for your wedding dress with you, you can simply sit down, relax and look for the perfect wedding dress online. You can ask for the opinions of your friends that live even miles away from you, by simply sending them screenshots. You won’t have to drag bags with shoes and jewelry with you to see if the dress that you like would suit the shoes you already have, you can simply compare the styles from the comfort of your own home.


Take a look at some of the trendiest wedding dresses below!

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