How to choose a wedding suit for a groom

5 tips for how to choose a wedding suit that you can actually wear after the wedding. Turn buying a wedding suit into a pleasant experience with our guide.


So your romantic proposal went well and now you and your spouse-to-be are planning a beautiful wedding. While you two can choose most things about the wedding together, such as the venue, caterer, flowers and more, when it comes to wedding attire, you’re on your own. If you don’t have much experience with wearing and picking out suits it can certainly be stressful, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you through the process.


Don’t rent your wedding suit – buy it instead


The great think about choosing a groom’s suit is that the groom’s wedding attire is not nearly as important as the bride’s. Sure, you should look presentable in the pictures but let’s face it – all eyes will be on her. While most grooms choose to rent a simple formal black tuxedo and call it a day, choosing a suit that looks great on you and buying it instead of renting is a much better choice. Rented suits and tuxedos almost always don’t fit the groom perfectly and often look quite cheap, like you’re attending your junior prom and not your wedding.


Don’t re-use one of your work suits


If you wear suits to the office you might be tempted to simply wear one of your work suits to your wedding, but let’s face it, you want to look like a happy and handsome groom on the happiest day of his life, not like a guy who’s about to give a PowerPoint presentation about this quarter’s sales stats. Instead, get a new 3-piece suit that’s a bit more expensive than what you usually pay for work suits and you will not only look handsome on your big day, but will also have a suit that you can wear for special occasions.


Get the suit professionally tailored


No matter what your budget is, make sure that you set some money aside to get your suit tailored by a professional. If you can’t spend much on the suit, go with a cheaper one – an inexpensive suit will look like one that costs several thousand dollars if you get it tailored.


Choose quality fabric for your suit


While getting your wedding suit is crucial, even a fantastic tailor can only do so much to make it fit right. You need to pick a nice thick natural fabric for your suit, then it will be easy to tailor and it will make you look fantastic. A shapeless synthetic fabric, on the other hand, will not hold its shape well.


Where to buy a wedding suit


When it comes to finding a place to buy a suit for marriage or suits for your wedding party, you might be compelled to order online. Buying a wedding suit online can be a great option if you already know your measurements well, which styles look well on you and which fabrics you prefer. If you don’t have much experience with wearing suits, opt for an actual physical store instead. Try choosing a small local store where you can get lots of attention and help when it comes to finding a suit that fits you well.

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