City Hall Wedding Outfit

If you are not a fan of big pompous weddings but you would still like to share your magical day together with your closest friends and family instead of eloping, then you have been probably considering a city hall wedding.


There is something romantic about an intimate small city hall ceremony, don’t you agree? In these ceremonies, the main focus is always on the bride and her wedding dress. Since a town hall wedding means a much less stressful preparation than for a big ceremony, you can dedicate all your extra time to the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. You would be surprised, but there are actually quite a few options and directions to consider when looking for an outfit for your big day.


You can either go chic and short, more on the casual side, or you can choose a vintage Audrey Hepburn styled tea length wedding dress, which is always a timeless classic and an epitome of class and grace. Or you can opt for a high-to low wedding dress to create a funkier look. Another option you have is an extravagant pantsuit, where you could go for a daring provocative bodysuit with a pair of classic pants and create an unforgettable look!


Take a look at some of the most interesting options below and let me know which one is your favorite and which style would you go for with a city hall wedding.




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