What to do if you don’t like your engagement ring?

Every married person probably remembers that flattering moment when their significant other asked them the question. “Will you marry me?” and a ring is what a lot of people are waiting for. However, sometimes the ring might not be what you had expected. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. There are ways to handle such a delicate situation. What to do if you don’t like the engagement ring?

1. Just wait to see if you can grow to love your engagement ring

Maybe it wasn’t love at the first sight but later you will eventually fall in love with the ring. Learn to love it as they say. Don’t cause a whole huge drama. First of all, you don’t know what this ring might mean for your significant other. Maybe it was his/her mother’s/grandmother’s ring or maybe when he/she saw it, it brought up certain memories. There is sometimes a huge story behind this little thing you didn’t like at the beginning. Give it some time and maybe you will fall in love with your engagement ring.

2. Talk with your partner about your feelings about the engagement ring

So you gave yourself and the ring some time but you still don’t like it. Maybe it’s the right time to start the conversation with your partner. You don’t want to feel the constant disappointment when you look at your ring. Try to overcome the fear and talk to your significant other. It’s okay not to have the same opinion about things. This might be the first situation you need to solve together. Start the conversation slowly and gradually move to the topic. This might be a sensitive issue and it’s in your best interest to solve it right.

3. Exchange or return your engagement ring

After having a conversation with your significant other you decided to get a new ring. If it was a new ring, you can return it to the jewelry store and get a new one. Or they can offer you an exchange for something you both will like. If it was an old ring you can go buy a new ring together or exchange it for something you both like. Be responsible and respectful to your budget and your partner’s preferences.

4. Modify your engagement ring to suit your taste

The ring might be some form of a family relic. In this case you probably don’t want to get rid of it completely. You can always redesign the ring. Use the material from the old ring and add some new features to create a ring that will mean a lot for the both of you.

5. Don’t do anything if it’s about the money

If the whole “don’t like the ring” thing is just about the stone size or quality, don’t say anything. Don’t put your partner in a position where you basically tell him/her that they didn’t spend enough money on you. They’ve probably bought you the best ring they could’ve afforded.

Remember that you’re getting married to a person, not the ring. Your different opinions on the ring shouldn’t cause your relationship any harm. This delicate situation should be handled the right way, be respectful and responsible. Nevertheless, it’s alright to have different opinions on things with your partner.

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