Engagement and wedding ring etiquette

Every newly engaged couple usually has lots of questions about wedding ring etiquette: what is the difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring, do you need a wedding band, can you wear the two rings together, etc. In this article, we will answer all your questions about wearing wedding bands and engagement rings.

What’s the difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring?

First, let’s clarify what the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is. The two rings differ both in the time when they are given to the bride and in their appearance. A wedding ring is usually a simple metal band or an infinity band that’s sometimes encrusted with small diamonds. A wedding ring is usually put on the bride’s finger by the groom during or after they exchange the vows during the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, an engagement ring usually has one dominant diamond that’s sometimes surrounded by smaller diamonds. An engagement ring is given to the bride by her fiance during the proposal or shortly after it. That being said, all of these points are simply traditions. Today, many couples are throwing out the playbook when it comes to wedding and engagement rings, so while you can use traditional ring etiquette as a guideline, you are free to do whatever you want when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings.

How do you wear engagement and wedding rings together?

The common practice is to wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring together on the ring finger of your left hand after the wedding. The wedding band should be closer to the base of your finger because, according to tradition, this was it will be closer to your heart. But if you don’t want to stack the rings, you’re totally welcome to wear the engagement ring on the right hand.

When to choose wedding rings?

Usually, couples should select and order their wedding rings at least two months before the wedding. This way you have enough time to wear your engagement rings and understand what you would like your wedding band to look like and at the same time it’s not too close to the wedding, so there’s definitely enough time to find a pair that you love and order it.

Do you need two rings for your marriage?

As we’ve said above, there are no hand-set rules when it comes to wedding rings and engagement rings. Ultimately, it all comes down to your preferences. If you want to have only an engagement ring – that’s fine, if you want to have both but wear them on different days – that’s okay as well. You can also stack more than two rings on the same finger, go for different metals and styles and simply choose whatever fits your couple and your style.

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