Find Your Body Shape

A Guide To Finding Your Body Shape

Finding your body shape will enable you to get to know what looks flattering on your figure. When it comes to getting to know your body, you don’t just guess and trust your intuition, but rather look for precise answers. Our team has selected 5 most common body types and created an easy guide to help you understand your body shape.

Everyone has different body type and figure, size and shape, but it is extremely important to remember that everyBODY is beautiful! To decide whether you have an Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Rectangle or Inverted Triangle body shape, you will need to pay attention to 4 measurements: Shoulders, Bust, Waist and Hips.


If you have a wide-narrow-wide body ration, which means that you waist is narrower than your bust and hips, while your hips and bust have similar measurements, then you have an Hourglass body shape. Alternative name for this figure is Triangles Opposing, which visually creates an Hourglass form.

Find Your Body Shape


If you have broad shoulders, fuller bust and waistline, your body shape can be referred as to an Apple. Women of this body structure tend to have thinner legs, arms and hips.

Find Your Body Shape


If you have a nicely defined waist, wider hips and smaller bust, then you have a Pear figure, which is often called the Triangle, Spoon, and Bell body types.

Find Your Body Shape


If you have smaller bust line, and your hips and shoulders have similar width, then you have a Rectangle figure. One of the characteristics of this body type are less defined curves, especially in the waist and hips areas. Rectangle body shape is also referred as to Banana and Straight.

Find Your Body Shape

Inverted Triangle

If you have broader shoulders, narrow waistline and hip area, your figure is referred as to an Inverted Triangle.

Find Your Body Shape

Now when you know your body shape, it’s time to choose a wedding dress that will fit your figure the best. Read our Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Wedding Dress or follow our 6 easy steps of finding a perfect wedding gown.

– xoxo, Lilly

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