How to host a rehearsal dinner? A guide

How to host a rehearsal dinner? A guide

Plan the perfect rehearsal dinner with the help of our guide. Learn everything you need to know about hosting a rehearsal dinner here. 


Don’t forget that wedding isn’t only about the wedding day, there are so many events before and after to plan. One such thing is a rehearsal dinner, which is an important event held right before the big day. You probably have even more questions about the rehearsal dinner than about the wedding itself so here are all your questions answered. 


First of all, remember to make this event comfortable for you. You don’t have to invite half of your wedding list guests there, it’s fine just to have those who actually participate in the wedding. You will need to rehearse the ceremony and the reception so have those who have an important role in your wedding and need to know for sure what to do. However, you will probably have to invite their plus ones too. The rehearsal dinner is the easiest event to plan as it’s just a little copy of your thoroughly planned wedding. 


The Rehearsal Dinner

Everyone who takes part in rehearsal dinner should know the agenda and follow it. Everyone who has anything to do during the wedding – say a toast, walk the aisle should be a part of a rehearsal dinner. Everything should follow the official timing and order, make sure everyone remembers their responsibilities. It can also be a good idea to print out copies of the agenda. 


Where Should the Rehearsal Dinner be Held?

It totally depends on the couple’s preferences. You can hold an event where the actual wedding will be held. Or you can choose your favorite lunch or dinner location, a cafe you enjoy eating out at or hold it in your backyard. You determine the style of the event – casual or formal. It should be comfortable for you and your guests. 


When Should the Rehearsal Dinner be Held?

The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. It doesn’t have to be a dinner exactly, you can hold a rehearsal lunch or brunch but make sure all your guests are comfortable with timing. 


The Hosts

Traditionally, the groom’s parents are responsible for planning the rehearsal dinner and paying for it. But it’s traditionally, this varies from family to family. Anyone close to the couple can participate in paying for the event. Just make sure with the bride and groom beforehand to avoid any miscommunications. 


Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

You can choose to send out written invitations if your party isn’t only about the close circle. They don’t have to be formal though. 


Rehearsal Dinner Seating Chart

The rehearsal dinner can be an event when the closest people from both sides meet for the first time. So if you have many people it can be wise to have a seating chart so that all your guests can feel comfortable. You can encourage the conversations by putting people together but think it through. 


Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

Unlike the toasts during the official wedding day the rehearsal dinner toasts are not carefully planned and are usually spontaneous and sincere. Guests shouldn’t follow the official toasts order list. They can speak up whenever they feel like it. The atmosphere is more casual and everyone should feel welcomed to share their emotions about the wedding. The groom and bride can also say a couple words of thanks to their close ones between the toasts.

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