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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress Based on Your Zodiac Sign (ft. Aries, Taurus, Gemini)

Planning for your wedding day is a daunting prospect. Not only do you have to find the perfect dress and venue, but you also have to find the perfect date that works with everyone’s schedule. 

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what kind of dress will look best on your body type and personal style, let alone what color would work best with your skin tone or what kind of jewelry would accentuate your necklace. To help you out, we’ve put together three different looks based on which zodiac sign you are. You’re sure to find something perfect for you in this guide!

What are the best zodiac signs for different wedding day looks?


Aries is a fire sign, so this means they’re adventurous, fun, and love to take risks. Their wedding dress should be just as daring and exciting. If you’re an Aries, then go with a bright color like red or orange to match your vibrant personality. Pairing it with gold accessories will make the outfit pop even more.


Tauruses are earth signs which means they love food, feel great in rich colors, and have an appreciation for nature. You’ll want to stick with a classic white gown that shows off your feminine curves. Add some pearls or any other rich materials for you to shine on your big day!


Geminis are air signs which means they’re intelligent and love mental stimulation. For them, you should go for something elegant with a touch of sparkle and romance to match their intellectual curiosity. Consider a long white dress that’s embellished with sequins or lace. You can’t go wrong!

The best zodiac sign for a formal dress


Aries are independent and have an adventurous spirit. They love to be spontaneous, so it’s best to avoid anything too formal. Aries like wearing clothes that are comfortable and show off their personality. For a formal wedding, try a dress in an animal print such as zebra or tiger stripes. The dress should be full-length, with long sleeves and a high neckline (to uphold the formality). To bring out the daring side of an Aries, pair the dress with some flashy jewelry or bold red lipstick.


Tauruses are very stubborn and know what they want. If you want to please a Taurus bride on her wedding day, steer clear of anything overtly feminine or that has ruffles or lace because those things don’t appeal at all to her earthy style. Tauruses like dark colors, so dark browns, greens, and purples would work well for this sign. For accessories, a necklace made of heavy fabric such as velvet is perfect because it will match the darker tones of the dress and provide some contrast.


Geminis are social butterflies who love being in the spotlight and making new friends (they even have two personalities!). They’re also quite rebellious when it comes to fashion because Geminis go against norms just for fun–which is why you should steer clear of any traditional gowns for this bride. Instead, try a gray/blue color palette for your dress

The best zodiac sign for a funky dress

Aries: If you’re an Aries, you should wear a neon dress with a black belt. This will bring out your extroverted qualities and make your skin look like it’s glowing.

Taurus: You should wear a long, sleeveless dress that has a light pink and brown pattern. This will show off the gentleness of your personality while also letting your skin look radiant.

Get Inspired By Our Colorful Wedding DressesGemini: If you’re a Gemini, we recommend a bright green dress with an asymmetrical hemline. This will highlight your creative side and bring out your skin tone as well!

Cancer: You should wear a dress with lace on it in either peach or pink color, which will make you look elegant without overpowering your natural beauty.

Leo: For Leo’s, we recommend wearing one that is dark blue with silver accents. The color accentuates the fiery nature of both the zodiac sign and the personality type, while still looking chic and professional.

Virgo: Virgo’s should wear something dark in color such as navy blue or purple to complement their practical nature without overpowering their features too much.

Libra: Libra’s are best paired with something light-colored such as white or baby blue to reflect their easygoing personalities and give them that extra radiance!

The best zodiac sign for a cocktail dress

If you’re a Libra or Sagittarius, you might want to consider a cocktail wedding dress for your big day. The relaxed and flowing silhouette of this style is perfect for those who don’t like anything too tight or constricting on their body. A good color choice would match your skin tone or contrast nicely with it. A gold dress looks best with a light skin tone while someone with a darker skin tone might want to go with an emerald green dress.

Final words

Wedding season is here and finding the perfect wedding dress is on everyone’s minds. Whether you’re looking for a formal, funky, or just want to look great at the cocktail party, your zodiac sign can help you find the right dress. Contact Devotion Dresses for more advice about your wedding dress.

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