Il Mio Amore

Continuing our last week’s topic of love filling up the air, today, we have yet another new collection that we would like to present to you. Il mio amore, Italian for ‘’My love’’ was created by our designers keeping in mind the most important element of every wedding, which, of course, is love. With that in mind, each dress from this mesmerizing collection, same as with all our collections, is being hand-tailored by our team of the most skilled tailors and technologists with utmost care and – love!

No matter whether you are planning let’s say a Gatsby themed wedding or if you are more into the chic girly romantic look, or if you are aiming for pure elegance on your big day, Il mio amore is the collection where you can find all of these styles and more. From extravagant fully embroidered wedding dresses with fringe that give you that 20’/30’s vibe to unique lace moments and much more.

Check out a small selection of dresses from our newest collection below and do not forget to take a look at the full collection to discover even more beautiful styles!


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