Introducing: Montana Wind by Anne Mariée

Anne Mariée wedding dresses have been immensely popular among our Clients since the moment we have first introduced this European wedding fashion brand on our website.

Now, we are thrilled to introduce their newest 2022 collection full of unique wedding dress designs. If you are planning a rustic wedding, or if you are a country bride, you should definitely take a closer look at this one! This collection is packed with boho wedding dresses, hippie styled wedding gowns and more.

For those of you not necessarily seeking country styled wedding dresses, do not worry! The Montana Wind collection brings much more than just rustic bridal gowns. With the versatility of this collection, we are sure that every single one of you will find THE perfect wedding dress!

Below, you will find a small sneak peek, showing what you can expect to find in our newest , but make sure to check out the entire collection to discover even more trendy wedding dresses designs.


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