Let’s Ruffle It Up!

Every bride wants to feel special on her big day. It is every woman’s desire to create the most memorable and unforgettable look that every single one of their guests would be remembering for years to come.


Every season there is new set of trends in the wedding fashion industry, trends so diverse so that literally anyone can find at least one matching her/his personal aesthetic.


If you are tired of seeing heavily embroidered wedding dresses, half see-through designs with lace appliques, but you are also not a fan of simple sleek designs, have you caught yourself wondering what else is there left for you to choose from? Do you want something unique, trendy and unconventional, but you are not quite sure what exactly it is? We have the answer for you. You are looking for – ruffles.


Yes, ruffles. Now toss away the image that popped up in your head and let us introduce you to the 2019 ruffles. Trust us, you will be surprised by the options you have. There are outfits with a cropped top and a voluminous girly ruffled skirt. There are princess silhouettes with dropped waistlines and ruffles cascading down from the beginning of the thighs. There are removable ruffled skirts with elegant lace mermaid silhouette dress underneath. Or you may want a wedding dress with ruffles, yet you also always wanted to go for a mermaid silhouette? Who said you cannot have both? Of course you can!


Ruffles are definitely the way to go this season! Just take a look at the selection below and there won’t be any convincing necessary.


Don’t forget to let me know which style is your favorite in the comments down below!




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