Levedad, Spanish for ‘’lightness’’, is the name of our newest addition, a gorgeous collection that will speak to every true romantic soul out there.

Why lightness? It is quite simple. This collection is filled with beautiful airy designs made out of lightweight fabrics. With the current Covid-19 pandemic in the world currently at its peak, travel restrictions are still very much in place, this collection will allow you to live your Spanish summer wedding dream wherever you are, bringing a piece of Europe right to your doorstep!

If you are looking for a more covered look, if your wedding will take place in late fall for example, you will definitely find THE wedding dress among the wide offer in our newest collection. From illusion mesh sleeves embellished with lace appliqués to airy half/long bishop sleeves to full sleeves, we have got you covered! (quite literally)

Check out my favorite picks below and make sure to check out the whole collection to find your favorite wedding dress!



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