Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Long sleeve wedding dresses do not necessarily equal modest wedding dresses. Even though it is true that if you are looking for a modest bridal look, then you are most likely also looking into wedding dresses with long sleeves. However, if modesty is not your priority and you are looking for a unique wedding dress with an unusual feature, then you might still want to look into long sleeved wedding gowns!

As surprising as it may sound, the sleeves on your gown can truly be the ‘‘wow factor‘‘ of the entire look! Nowadays, wedding dress designers often see sleeves as a possibibility to let their creativity run wild. That is why you may, more often than not, be seeing a lot of wedding dresses with long sheer sleeves. These sleeves are often made out of nude mesh fabric which creates a so called ‘‘illusion of a bare skin‘‘. These sleeves can then either be plain, or they can be embellished with décor – from long mesh sleeves decorated with lace to beaded long sleeves, sleeves decorated with rhinestones, pearls, sequins and more.

Another way that sleeves can be featured as a unique element of your wedding outfit are removable sleeves. These sleeves can be quite simple, but they can also be a true statement piece – gorgeous long removable bishop sleeves that you can wear during your ceremony and then simply remove them as you hit the dance floor!

Without further ado, take a peek at our selection of some of the beautiful long sleeve wedding dresses on and make sure to check out our entire section to discover even more gorgeous designs.


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