Love is Eternal…

Here comes the season of the Princesses. And this is exactly why our designers decided to dedicate one whole collection to different Princess silhouette inspired dresses.


Everyone of us remembers the breathtaking moment, when every little girl grasped for air, eyes fixed on one thing, the unbelievable magical dress that Cinderella was wearing. Every little girl around the world wished to have a similar dress one day in order to once feel as magical as Cinderella on that night.


With our new Eternal Love collection, we want to make your childhood dream come true and what would be a better day to fulfill your fairytale moment on than your wedding day?


There is no doubt that all the dresses from the are special in their own way and it is up to everyone’s sole preference which dress will be their favorite, but there is this one special dress worth mentioning; a truly magical one.


The Lucia wedding dress glows in the dark! It is a beautiful dress with a glitter mesh material that sparkles under the light of the day. But as we all know, the true magic in every proper fairytale happens under the cloud of night. Once the sun starts setting, your dress will begin to glow up in the dark, creating a true sight that none of the wedding guests will ever forget!


How does it work? This magical secret remains well kept by our own fairy Godmother!





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