Maid of honor duties and responsibilities before and during the wedding

Maid of honor duties and responsibilities before and during the wedding

A must-have maid of honor checklist to help you keep track of all your wedding duties. Stay on top of your maid of honor responsibilities. 


Congratulations to you and your best friend. She’s getting married and you were appointed as her maid of honor. There is a long list of what you as maid of honor need to do before and during the wedding. You need to take care of your bride and make it all easier for her, organize a bachelorette party, look after the bridesmaids, give a speech and many many more things. So you’re not totally overwhelmed here’s the list of most of MOH responsibilities. 


Maid of Honor Duties Before the Wedding Day

  1. Help your bride on every step of the planning process. There are going to be so many choices to make and she will surely need your opinion. Or just be her active listener. 


  1. Attend all the dress stores and fittings with her to help her choose the perfect dress for a big day, of course if she wants you to be there. 


  1. Bachelorette party

You are responsible for the bachelorette party. Make it perfect for your best friend. It’s all up to you how she will celebrate her last day as a not married woman. Maybe you want to make something very R-rated, maybe something extraordinary or just a nice dinner with her girlfriends. Don’t plan anything the bride wouldn’t like. 


  1. Help with the bridesmaids

You’re like the bridesmaids “leader”. You help the bride decide what those girls will be wearing, what will they look like. You set their hair and makeup appointments and many more things. 


  1. Help the guests 

Future wedding guests might already have lots of questions the bride just don’t have time to answer. Your responsibility is to make sure everyone knows all the information they need and will be at the right time at the right place. 


  1. Help with every pre-wedding step. 

Help with sending the invitations, receiving the RSVPs, organizing the engagement party and rehearsal dinner. Be there when the bride chooses the cake, flowers, a dress, a photographer, no executive decision should be made without you.



Maid of Honor Duties on the Wedding Day

  1. Help the bride to get ready for the wedding day, check her dress and make up, keep her calm but slightly excited. She should look and feel perfect and it’s your responsibility.

  1. Help during the ceremony

Walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids before the bride. During the ceremony, the bride can’t hold her own bouquet so you as a MOH should hold hers too or whenever she feels like it. Leave your signature on the marriage license as an official witness. 

  1. After the official part

You should help everyone to get to the place where the official dinner will be held and then enter the reception together with the best man. 

  1. Be a host

You know where the bathroom is, you know when they will bring food, you know everything about the ceremony cause you have helped to plan it, so it’s your responsibility to answer all the guests’ questions and help them around. We don’t need any problems at the wedding. 

  1. Deliver your maid of honor speech 

After the best man is done it’s your turn to say a couple of nice words about the newlyweds. Make it sweet and personal. 

  1. Check on the bride 

She might need your help with the dress, makeup or any particular question, be there for her and always ready to help.

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