Make A Statement With A Unique Back Design

When you first start browsing, looking for an inspiration for your wedding dress online, you may feel a little lost. After all, with so many options nowadays, how do you make your bridal look stand out?

Of course, you can always go with the traditional wedding dress, a classic bridal look which never looks out of place. But if you don’t feel like playing it safe and want to create an unforgettable look that will be the topic of discussion of all your wedding guests for years to come, you need to figure out a detail that you want to focus on to make your look pop. You can wow your guests by transforming your look throughout the evening which you can easily do without breaking the bank, without the need to purchase two wedding dresses. How? By purchasing a so called ‘’two in one wedding dress’’ instead. You can make a dramatic entrance wearing a stunning custom bridal cape which you can then remove and reveal a breath-taking custom made wedding dress underneath it. Or you can start the day off with a voluminous princess silhouette wedding dress and then, once you feel like it, remove the detachable train/skirt and show off your curves in a form-fitting trumpet/mermaid silhouette wedding dress.

But you can also simply focus on certain smaller details of the dress which make a seemingly classic gown – unique. You can choose a traditional looking wedding dress but with unique sleeve design. Long sleeve wedding dress that turns into a sleeveless wedding gown? Yes, with ‘’2 in 1 wedding dresses’’ even this is very much possible! You can go for a simple A-line silhouette wedding dress, but made out a one-of-a-kind fabric with a unique pattern. Or you can focus on the back of the dress, make an entrance in a classic wedding gown just to make everyone’s jaw drop as you walk past them down the aisle and the gorgeous back design is revealed!

Today, we would like to focus on that and show you just what a unique look you can create by focusing on back designs only. From full-lace-back moments, to simple delicate criss cross strap back designs to unique open backs, check out our selection of some of the coolest back designs below and make sure to browse our section to discover even more beautiful wedding dress styles.


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