Make A Statement

Your wedding day is THE day in your life for you to shine bright! It is your time to have everyone’s head turning as you walk down the aisle and wow the crowd. It is your day, a day when everyone is paying attention solely to you (well and your significant other), but let’s be honest, the true showstopper of the evening is the bride with her gown, as there is not much creativity involved with styling the groom’s suit.

Your big day is the right time to choose a true statement piece to wear, a wedding dress everyone will remember for years. There is nothing wrong about going for a classic piece that you will be able to pass on to future generations, but will future generations in the modern world want to wear someone else’s wedding dress? Most likely not, as with time, the sentiment of wearing your mother’s, grandmother’s or even your great grandmother’s wedding dress has gradually faded in the chase for a modern trendy wedding gown.

So when choosing a wedding dress, simply have yourself in mind, don’t think about the future, nor the past. Live in the moment and be bold!

Take a look at some gorgeous unique wedding dresses below and make sure to let me know which one is your favorite!



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