How to make my engagement ring look bigger?

Many brides want to have the biggest most gorgeous diamond there is, or at least the biggest one of all their friends. But most of us also have to work with a limited budget, so how can you get a gorgeous engagement ring that looks huge without spending a fortune? Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can use to make the main diamond appear bigger. Here are the best ones:

  1. Invest in the cut of the diamond

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your diamond is to get a stone that has a very good cut rating. This doesn’t refer to the shape of the stone, but rather to the quality of the way it has been cut. A well-cut diamond sparkles very brightly, attracting attention, while a diamond that’s not cut well won’t dazzle everyone around it no matter its size.

  1. Know which diamond shape looks biggest

There are lots of different diamond shapes out there, but a few of them work really well at maximizing the perceived size of the diamond and the “wow” factor of the ring. When it comes to shape, round diamonds appear largest because they are usually not very deep, so you get to see most of the surface of the stone. Additionally, oblong and elongated shapes also make the diamond appear larger, so if you don’t like round diamonds, take a look at marquise or emerald-shaped stones. On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds appear smaller than their actual carat weight because they are quite deep.

  1. Minimize the prominence of prongs in an engagement ring

Another easy way to make the main diamond in an engagement ring appear larger than it is is to be smart about the prongs that hold the diamond in place. Try to find a ring with fewer prongs, plus, choose a ring with thin, discreet prongs that don’t distract attention from the diamond too much. The logic here is simple – the less surface of the diamond is covered by the prongs, the larger the stone will appear.

  1. Find an engagement ring with a white metal band

If you choose a platinum setting for the ring, the white metal will act as a mirror, reflecting the diamond to maximize its shine and brightness. Opting for a platinum setting is an excellent way to make the diamond in your engagement ring look bigger.

  1. Chose a colored stone instead of a traditional clear diamond

Most engagement rings have a traditional clear diamond in them, but if you opt for a colored gem, the stone will really pop and attract attention, helping your ring and the gem in it appear more prominently.

  1. Select an engagement ring with a thin band

Finally, the last trick that will help you make your diamond appear huge is to choose a ring with a delicate, thin band. This way even a small diamond will look quite large next to the metal band. Alternatively, you can choose a band with regular width that tapers off towards the center where the diamond is located, becoming thinner and finer.

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