How much does a wedding photographer cost?

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

The latest accurate wedding photography prices and packages. Find out the cost of an average wedding photographer here. 



How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Wedding photographer costs vary depending on your location and needs. On average a couple in the US spends around $1,150-$3,000 on one. You also should tip your photographer ($100-$200 would be nice) if he works for a company, you can omit this gesture if he’s a freelancer or runs his own business. After the wedding leave an online review. Consider hiring a wedding photographer in advance. 11 month prior to the wedding will ensure you have a good one. You can also hire more than one shooter for your wedding to ensure every angle is covered and every moment is captured.



How much does a videographer for a wedding cost?

A lot of videographers work together with photographers throughout your wedding day to capture all the moments. Although the cost can vary, depending on many factors, most couples spend around $1,000-$2,500, with the average cost at $1,800.



What’s covered in a wedding photographer’s prices?


When paying for a wedding photographer this usually includes:


  • Pay for his work hours
  • Travel expenses if needed
  • Editing 
  • Fees for assistants 
  • Print release that allows you to have all the pictures to your free use.
  • Printing your pictures, if you want them on USB that is also fine but how nice it is to have actual pictures from your wedding day.
  • Albums. Some photographers create beautiful wedding albums for their clients. This expense might be optional if your photographer allows so.
  • Other additional fees your photographer will ask for.



Before hiring a photographer look through his or her works, talk to your friends and maybe find some recommendations or read online reviews. Make sure you talked through all the details and discussed every little thing. 



Are albums included in a wedding photographer’s prices?

It really depends on the photographer. Some of them include the cost of the album to their fees, others charge you extra (several hundred dollars on average). You can actually choose to use an outside agency to create your album. 



What additional cost for my photographer will I have to cover?

If your wedding location is far away from your photographer’s location (more than 60 miles), you should cover his/her travel expenses (around $2 per mile). If it’s a destination wedding you are responsible for purchasing the photographer a ticket. Yes, you will also have to pay for all your photographers and videographers meals during your big day. Be sure to discuss it with your caterer. Clear all the details and extra costs in advance so you don’t have any expensive surprises.

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