Off-shoulder Wedding Dresses

Off-shoulder wedding dresses, often also called ‘‘Drop shoulders‘‘ offer a gorgeous neckline option that can be both sexy and elegant – it all always depends on the particular style you are looking at.

There is something simply so breath-taking about an off-shoulder neckline, that is why it has already become a timeless classic which you can nowadays see executed with all kinds of twists. Apart from a classic off-shoulder neckline, you can now find wedding dresses with seemingly off-shoulder necklines that come with removable sleeves, hence transforming an off-shoulder wedding dress into a strapless gown. You will find off-shoulder neckline bridal gowns with voluminous bishop sleeves of all lengths, drop shoulder neckline extending into ‘‘second skin‘‘ form-fitting lace sleeves and so much more.

If you are looking for something absolutely unique for your big day, you should definitely look into off-shoulder necklines! With the amount of unique options, you will definitely find your statement piece.

Check out some of our drop shoulders wedding gowns below and make sure to check out our entire selection to discover even more one-of-a-kind designs.


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