Wedding Trends / 06.01.2020

In the past, weddings used to be very traditional, there was little room for couples to personalize the event and show off their personalities. Today, however, the book of wedding ideas is fuller than ever - there are countless choices for everything from location to flowers. But even with all of this variety, there are still new wedding trends popping up every year, giving you even more brilliant choices for your wedding. Here are our top picks for the best wedding trends of 2019.
Wedding / 27.11.2019

If you’ve already started to plan your wedding, you very likely are overwhelmed by how expensive everything is: the venue, the photographers, the makeup and clothes - all of this quickly adds up. One popular trick that couples use to save on their wedding is to buy alcohol for the reception themselves if the caterer and the venue allow this. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but how much alcohol should you buy? Our simple guide will help you determine the approximate amount of alcohol you need to stock for your wedding.