Top 5 perfect gifts for a bride

We’ve all been here: you’re doing your holiday shopping and finding great gifts for everyone on the list. But sometimes there’s a bride on the list and then holiday shopping gets tricky really fast. Whether it’s your sister, friend or family member who is getting married soon, it can be impossible to choose a gift for a bride – after all, she will soon get everything she wants and more, including a beloved spouse and all the things on the wedding and bridal shower registry. So how do you choose something that the bride doesn’t already have in her home or on the gift registries and something that she will use and enjoy at the same time? Take a look at our list below for some inspiring ideas for Christmas gifts for brides.

A new cookbook

A person can never have too many cookbooks, especially if it’s someone who is getting married soon! Even though the days of traditional housewife duties are long gone, the majority of women still cook at home. If the bride loves to cook, she will certainly appreciate the gift. If she rarely cooks, this will be a great chance for her to start cooking more, preferably together with the groom. Try opting for something more unique instead of a generic cookbook. For instance, a book for meal prepping, or a themed cookbook.

A flower delivery subscription

Every person wants to live in a beautiful home, and there’s no better way to beautify one’s home than to add some flowers to it. Help the bride with this task by getting her a monthly flower delivery subscription. The flowers arrive once a month and usually include care instructions and plant food to help the arrangement last at least a week.

A new carry on bag

Instagram and Pinterest are full of stylish and extremely convenient carry on bags with commercials that make you dream of your next vacation. So why not help the bride go on her honeymoon in style with a new carry on bag that will make the trip even more perfect?

An iPad

If the bride got engaged only recently and she still has lots of wedding planning left to do, an iPad can prove to be very handy. Opt for an iPad + Apple pencil combo – a perfect option for taking notes during meetings with vendors, seating chart planning and more.

A silk sleep mask

Few materials in the world feel as luxurious as silk does. So why not treat the bride in your life with a gorgeous, well-made silk sleep mask that will help her get her beauty sleep before the big day? Silk masks don’t just feel luxurious, they have lots of benefits over regular cotton or polyester masks but, unfortunately, most women never think about getting themselves a silk mask.

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