Retro Themed Weddings

2019 is the year of comebacks! Every day there is another show that is announced to be coming back after a decade or two with either its original beloved cast or in the form of a reboot. This also goes for fashion! As we all know, fashion tends to come back and styles that are long forgotten tend to gain on popularity again after some time.


From flared trousers, oversized jeans jackets, transparent sunglasses to chokers, we all love a good comeback! After all, it has a little sense of nostalgia to it, often bringing the memories of the good old days, or does it not?


Themed weddings are increasingly popular and even more so, retro styled weddings! Get a nice looking old-fashioned colorful car instead of a limo, a pin-up hairstyle, put on that red lipstick and off you go! Retro weddings are actually really easy to create, yet have such a unique character about them and are the most memorable.


As for the wedding dress, you can opt for anything that your heart desires. It is the small details such as hair accessories that tie the whole retro look together. Tie a simple ribbon hairband on your pin-up styled hairdo and you are good to go!


Just take a look at some of our retro styled photo shots in some of our cutest wedding dresses!


Are you a retro lover yourself?


Let me know in the comments below which era is your favorite one!




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