How to select men’s bridal party suits

Learn our useful tips and tricks for choosing men’s suits for your wedding party. Pick groomsmen suits that go perfectly with bridesmaid dresses.


Think about the budget for groomsmen suits

Traditionally, groomsmen are supposed to pay for their own wedding party attire, so before you begin looking at different suits, think about how much money your friends will be able to spend on the suit. The budgets will probably differ quite a bit, so aim for the smaller sum to make sure that nobody is put into an uncomfortable position by the price of the wedding party suit you’ve selected. You can also think about having your groomsmen rent their suits.


Keep the theme and style of your wedding in mind

Before you begin choosing wedding party menswear you and your spouse need to choose the color scheme, style, atmosphere and location of the wedding. This will be great help when picking the suits, as they should be in harmony with all of those. For instance, you could go with linen fabric for the groomsmen suits if you’re getting married on a beach or in a field, or select one of the colors of your wedding for the suits or the ties.


Pick wedding party suits that go well with the bridesmaid dresses

A lot of your wedding pictures will have both groomsmen and bridesmaids in them, so you need to make sure that wedding party dresses and suits don’t clash and compliment each other instead. They don’t need to match each other perfectly, the way this was done at weddings 20 years ago, but selecting complementing colors and styles is a must.


Consider having groomsmen wear different suits

While it used to be popular for all groomsmen and bridesmaids to wear identical dresses or suits, having people wear different suits or dresses in a wedding party is becoming increasingly more common. This way every groomsman can choose a style that he likes and looks great in and your wedding will be even more beautiful and pleasant for everyone involved. Give your friends some guidelines, for instance, set the color of the suits and the fabric they must be made of, and let them figure out the rest.


Shake things up

Who said that your groomsmen need to wear traditional three-piece suits? There are lots of other choices when it comes to wedding party men’s dress. You can opt for dress pants, a shirt and a jacket, a shirt and pants, stylish suspenders and a fedora, or you can try switching the jackets to cardigans or replacing pants with jeans.

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