Sheer Sophistication

We all get inspired by different trends we see on TV or read on the internet from time to time. One of the latest trends that all the celebrities seem to be embracing on every big event are transparent dresses.

These trends naturally pass onto the wedding fashion industry as well. Simply because all these celebrities have finally shown us that transparent dresses, while still revealing, do not necessarily need to look tacky and inappropriate, quite the contrary actually.

Yes, it might seem as a risky choice at first, but let me convince you once and for all that sheer CAN look sophisticated. You can either go completely see-through or you can choose just some of the elements of the dress to reveal certain parts of your body, such as transparent corsets or bodices, transparent inserts or parts of the skirt. Another popular option is an illusion of a naked body created by cleverly placed lace appliques just at the right places to cover what’s needed with the rest of the fabric being transparent.

So why should you go for this particular style? Well, because it’s bold, unconventional and it will give you that unique unforgettable look that everyone will be talking about even weeks after your wedding. Bold and unconventional, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a soft and romantic feminine look with showing some skin. There are many dresses out there that maintain a girly chic look while intriguingly revealing parts of your body.

Take a look at some of our examples!



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