What are silicone wedding rings and why is everyone raving about them?

When you think about a wedding ring, a simple gold or silver wedding band probably comes to mind. However, wedding rings made from silicone have been growing in popularity in recent years and more and more people are picking them over traditional metal wedding rings. So why are rubber wedding rings so popular?

What is a silicone wedding ring?

The answer to this question is really as simple as it gets – rubber wedding bands are regular wedding rings made from silicone instead of metal. These rings can come in different sizes, styles and colors just like traditional wedding rings and they serve the same purpose – they represent the marital bond between two people.

What are the advantages of silicone wedding bands?

While silicone wedding rings may seem like just another fleeting trend, the truth is that they have numerous advantages over traditional wedding rings. Silicone rings are not just safe for people to wear, but they are actually allowed in a lot more work environments than regular metal wedding rings. This is because they are quite soft and flexible, which means that silicone rings are a lot less likely to damage a person’s finger or cause gloves to rip on the hand, etc. They are perfect for people who work in healthcare, those whose work involves lifting heavy weights, people working with electricity and more. Silicone rings are also hypoallergenic.

Why should I consider buying a silicone wedding ring?

Rubber wedding rings are perfect for people in numerous professions, but they are also a great choice for many others. For instance, people who are quite active in their daily lives opt for silicone bands because they are safe and comfortable to wear at the gym or when doing active outdoor activities. They are also perfect for avid travelers who might not want to risk losing an expensive diamond ring on a trip. If you have a metal allergy or simply sensitive skin, buying a silicone ring as a must. People with small children also often opt for soft silicone rings to avoid scratching the baby with a sharp diamond.

And last but definitely not least, silicone wedding rings are extremely inexpensive compared to regular metal bands – their prices start at 10 to 20 dollars for a wide array of colors and designs. Given the price, many people choose to buy a silicone wedding band in addition to their metal one to wear to the gym, pool and for other occasions.

All in all, silicone wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional gold or silver wedding bands, as they are perfect for doctors, nurses, people who work in manufacturing, electricians, people who do lots of active sports and generally anyone who would like a little more comfort and peace of mind in their day-to-day lives.

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