Top 2023 Wedding Dress Trends

This year, as always, we would like to introduce some of the hottest trends expected to blow up the 2023 wedding season. There are timeless classic pieces that are ever so popular every season, however, apart from the time-honored traditional bridal look, there are modern twists that gain on particular popularity each year.

Floral wedding dresses/wedding dresses with a bow

Some of the more romantic trends this season are floral wedding dresses or wedding dresses with a bow detail. Both can be executed in the wildest ways you could only imagine! Apart from typical floral lace patterns, there are some mesmerizing fabrics out there, such as for example jacquard fabric which comes with different motifs ‘’imprinted’’ in the fabric itself – now just imagine a floral pattern ‘’imprinted’’ in the fabric of your custom made wedding dress! Floral wedding dresses can also mean a simple wedding dress embellished with stunning 3D flowers, or a wedding dress embellished with stunning pearls and beads sewn onto the gown in a floral shape. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to bows, you can go with the classic wedding dress with a bow belt, but if you are looking for something more modern, you can go with an oversized asymmetric bow on the back of the dress that ‘’morphs’’ into the skirt and train of your wedding gown. Or you can have a wedding dress with straps that are tied into bows. With Devotion, you can also always customize your wedding dress and add your own ‘’bow’’ touch to a dress that has caught your eye, just let us know your vision!

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Off-shoulder wedding dresses

Off-shoulder, often also called drop shoulders wedding dresses are gaining on immense popularity! The sleeveless off-shoulder look has already become the bridal classic, however, what about an off-shoulder wedding dress with long sleeves? You can once again go the more classic route with the long sleeve off-shoulder wedding dress, or you can go the extravagant route and choose a wedding gown with long oversized sleeves, or a wedding dress with only a seemingly off-shoulder neckline. Why seemingly? Because the sleeves can actually be removable! Just imagine walking down the aisle in one look, just to transform your bridal gown ‘’with a wave of a wand’’ and wow your guests with the transformation of your outfit into a sleeveless/strapless wedding gown!

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Transparent wedding dresses

Don’t give up on this trend just based on its name! The word ‘’transparent’’ may be scaring many brides, however, transparency can be executed in a very elegant way! This trend doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only be looking at fully transparent wedding dresses, it means that transparency can be treated as wow factor in your dress. You can have a beautiful traditional looking gown, but with a twist in a form of cut-outs under the arms. Or you can have a mesh bodice/mesh corset covered with stunning embellishments, with just a hint of a skin peeking from underneath them. Of course, there are also fully transparent bridal gown options, perfect for a beach wedding. But you can also enjoy a bit of transparency simply selecting a long sleeve wedding dress, but having the sleeves made out of nude mesh fabric, creating an illusion of a bare skin. These sleeves can either be left plain, or they can be embellished with all kinds of embellishments matching the décor on your gown and creating a mesmerizing optical illusion.

But remember, no matter the current trends, simply select the wedding dress that you will feel the most comfortable in! Ensuring a perfect fit of your gown is our job – with us you have nothing to worry about, as you will receive a hand-tailored wedding gown which will be sewn for you fully in custom size with a guarantee of an impeccable fit! Just choose your  online now on DevotionDresses and receive it right at your doorstep in the blink of an eye.


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