Top 3 Wedding Dress Trends Of 2022

Apart from the all-time classic bridal looks, each year, there are certain distinctive wedding dress trends. That is why, you may be suddenly see a lot of takes on a certain design. Let‘s break down some of the most interesting wedding dresses trends of 2022!

Sparkles everywhere

With covid slowly retreating and with most countries worldwide returning to what may now be considered normal life again, we are finally able to put our pyjamas and track suits back on the furthest shelf of our closets and finally forget that this is all we have been mostly wearing for the past two years. Now is the time when we are finally able to play with our outfits again! Naturally, this also brings out a desire in many brides to wear something absolutely spectacular on their big day.

That is why, sparkling wedding dresses, wedding dresses with glitter, beaded wedding gowns and wedding dresses embellished with sequins are one of the hottest trends this season!

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Not so traditional-traditional

Traditional wedding looks make a comeback every single season, or you could say, they never really leave. But this season especially, you might be seeing a lot of stunning and truly unique traditional wedding dresses with a twist. One of the greatest examples was Lily Collins who wore a mesmerizing all-lace trumpet/mermaid silhouette wedding dress but put her own twist on it by wearing a gorgeous custom lace wedding cape. You can add your modern twist to your wedding look by styling it with a distinctive hat or a veil, or you can go for a pair of statement gloves. Alternatively, you can always simply select bold jewelry to rock up your traditional wedding look a little. The possibilities are truly endless.

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High neck wedding dresses

If you associate high neck necklines only with ultra-modest wedding looks, then you are mistaken! When it comes to high neck wedding dresses, there are a lot of truly unique options that will make your bridal look unforgettable! If you are looking for that “special something” in your wedding outfit, but you are not quite sure what you are looking for just yet, then we would recommend looking into high neckline wedding dresses. You never know, maybe you will realize that this is something you have been looking for all along!

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