Top 5 wedding dress trends of 2019

Just like every year, 2019 will bring us new wedding gown trends. We are going to highlight, which are designs are assumed to be the most popular this season. Some of these are classics that will make a comeback this year, some of these are fashion forward design choices that this year’s fashionista brides are bound to fall in love with. So let us break them down one by one.


Sparkling everything

For all you lovers of everything shiny and sparkly, this is going to be your year! If you can not choose between beads, sequins, rhinestones, do not be afraid to go with everything combined together this season. Fully embroidered wedding dresses are one of the hottest trends this year. Now it is your time to shine!



If, on the contrary, you are more into crisp clean designs, do not worry to be ‘’out of fashion’’ on your big day this year, as 2019 will be full of contrasts. One of the most popular designs that you can opt for will be a dress that will wow everyone with its seeming simplicity (no intricate lace patterns or embellishments) with the main focus being brought to intricate silhouettes.


The Royal effect

Majestic trains, veils and capes paired together with a fitted wedding dress with embroidery that resembles the jewels used on the crowns and tiaras are also among the favorites in 2019. If you were dreaming of becoming a true princess on your wedding day, it is your time to become one now!


Bold Ball/Princess gowns

Are you planning on making a big entrance with a wow effect? When choosing a wedding dress this year, you can go as big as it gets! Go with an extravagant princess/ball gown silhouettes and you can be sure that the eyes of all of your wedding guests will be solely on you.


Short and chic

If you are looking for a more flirtatious wedding look, choose a short sassy wedding dress and show off those beautiful pair of heels. If you are not into super short lengths, then free to go with a more classy mid/tea length, either way you cannot go wrong!


Do you love this year’s trends as much as we do? Which one is your favorite?


Looking forward to your answers in the comments below!




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