Types of wedding suits for men from formal to casual

Take a look at different types of suits for men for marriage. Choose the perfect groom’s suit for your wedding.

If don’t wear suits too often in your everyday life it might be very difficult to choose your wedding suit. Groom’s suits might all look the same at first but then it turns out that there are actually lots of different types and styles of suits that you can choose from.


Types of wedding suits for formal weddings


Evening tailcoat


This suit type is the ideal choice for the most formal and elegant weddings out there. It is the epitome of class in men’s wedding suits – you simply can’t choose anything more formal than an evening tail suit. The complete outfit includes a tailcoat, dress pants, a crisp white shirt, a tie, dress shoes and a marcella waistcoat.




A wedding tuxedo is a universal choice for formal wedding attire. This style is timeless, so if you choose to buy a tuxedo for your wedding, you can be quite confident that you will get a chance to wear it again at a different occasion. Make sure that you pair your tux with a black tie and choose contrasting fabric for the satin trim on the jacket.


Traditional black dinner suit


A dinner suit is a perfect choice if you want to look sexy and handsome at your wedding but don’t want to outshine the bride. You can choose between single-breasted and double-breasted options, but make sure that you go with black fabric for the suit and a white shirt for a stunning formal look.


Semi-formal wedding suits


Wedding suit


If you’re opting for a more casual wedding, there are many types of wedding suits that you can choose. The best part about these wedding suits is that you can wear them for many occasions after the wedding – anything from an important day at the office to an evening out at a fancy restaurant will work. If you’re quite tall or thin, opt for an Italian-style suit or a double breasted one with four to six buttons on the jacket. Otherwise, you can choose a British-style suit.


Business suit


Business suits are a perfect choice if you plan on having a civil ceremony: they are not too formal but will still allow you to look stunningly handsome next to your bride. You can choose a single or double breasted suit and pair it with a stylish waistcoat, a long tie, a pair of nice leather shoes and cufflinks.


Wedding suits for casual weddings


A simple two-piece suit is the most popular choice for casual weddings, whether it’s a ceremony on the beach or n a flowery field. You can also choose to wear pants and a waistcoat without a jacket for a more unique look. Casual weddings also give you a lot more room to play around with the color of the suit: whether you want to choose a pastel color or a turn your suit into a bring accent in your wedding color scheme – everything is permitted.

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