Guide To Choosing A Wedding Dress Silhouette

Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Wedding Dress Silhouette

Many of you have dreamt about your dream wedding dress ever since you watched your very first Disney movie or since you paraded your Barbie doll down the aisle. In reality, however, finding the right dress is not an easy feat. There are so many factors that need to be considered when searching for a wedding dress.

To ease this process, we asked our talented designers and technologists for their professional advise. At Devotion Dresses we have created an ultimate guide that will help you understand which dress silhouette ( A-line, Princess/Ball GownTrumpet/Mermaid  or Sheath/Column) works best with your body type and figure. If you still don’t know which category you belong to, click here.

Guide To Choosing A Wedding Dress Silhouette

This illustration presents wedding dress silhouettes arranged from the most to least favorable per each body shape. The most favorable wedding gown silhouettes are marked out with ♥ (a full heart), while ♡ denotes the least recommended silhouette.

Please don’t forget that even though certain styles and silhouettes may work better for your body type than others, don’t let them stop you from rocking your dream wedding dress. After all, you feeling confident and comfortable is what makes your special day unforgettable!
This easy-to-understand manual was developed with the help of leading European designers and tailors, who have shared tips and tricks on finding the best wedding dress silhouette for each body type.

– xoxo, Lilly

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