What to wear on your wedding night?

Deciding on an outfit for your first night as a married couple can be as important as choosing the wedding dress itself. It is a magical night, as it is the first night that you will stand in front of each other as a husband and a wife and you definitely want to induce the jaw dropping moment from few hours ago when he saw you walking down the aisle.


So what do you actually wear on a night like this?


Forget boring underwear! You want to create an angelic look with a spice! Sensual, romantic, yet daring. You would be surprised how easily achievable this look is. So what garment should you be looking for? The answer is peignoirs.


There are tons of styles for you to choose from! From short to long, from fully lace peignoirs to completely transparent ones or tulle peignoirs with a just a little lace intricately placed in all the right spots! It is then solely up to your preference, whether you decide to wear an underwear underneath your beautiful robe or not, both will look just stunning!


If you are not that much of a daredevil, but still want to give the peignoir a try, do not worry, you won’t be missing on the experience of wearing one on your important night, there are more modest looks that you can choose from as well.


Just take a look at our top picks below!


Feel free to browse even more beautiful styles of custom made and let us know in the comments down below which one is your favorite!




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