Wedding dress styles guide

Choosing the style of your wedding dress is yet another step that will bring you closer to the dress of your dreams. When deciding on which style to go for, there are few factors that you can base your decision on.

Firstly, it can be your own personal style. If you are more into classics in your every day look, then go on and embrace your classic wedding dress! If you are more into luxurious things, well then do consider bringing it to your dress style as well!

Secondly, there is always the option to match the dress with the theme of your wedding. Are you going for a DJ instead of a band? Are you planning to rock the dance floor for your first dance? Well then pick a modern styled wedding dress as a finishing touch to your theme.

And at last, you can simply go for whatever your heart desires for that one special day. Regardless of what your usual style is or wedding theme is. If you are feeling like experimenting and wearing a two in one wedding dress on your big day – well then go for it!

So to sum it up – what exactly are your options?

1. Classic style – a lot of princess and A-line silhouettes in this one. Why? It is simply the most traditional time-honored wedding dress look with sleek designs, timeless materials, and one that never gets out of fashion!

2. Elegant style – lace, lace, lace on mostly fitted mermaid silhouettes. Tasteful fine designs are always trendy! And if you love some puffier skirts, do not worry, there are plenty of elegant options for you too!

3. Modern style – think of all the unconventional designs out there! Deep plunging necklines, deep V-cuts in the back, high slits, transparent inserts or simply non-traditional design choices, such as buttons all the way down from the back until the very hem of the train!

4. Luxury style – sophisticated lace motifs covered in all kinds of embellishments, from rhinestones to imitation pearls, from beads to sequins or even feathers! Not that much into embroidery? Then opt for some intricate lace, because simplicity can be just as luxurious!

5. Two in one style – this one is a lifesaver for those of you who just cannot decide what style to go for, because you simply love more than one! Go for a two in one dress and change the style of your dress throughout the evening! Start off with a classic puffy princess and as soon as you feel like you want to be more elegant, simply take the puffy skirt off and finish the evening in an elegant fitted mermaid! Or say your vows in a luxurious wedding dress and when the time comes, throw off that embroidered overdress and rock that modern style underneath!

So have you decided on the style of your wedding dress yet? Share it with us in the comments!




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