Wedding Dress Train Length Guide

Wedding Dress Train Length Guide

When talking about trains on wedding dresses, most of us imagine an extra fabric in the lower part of the skirt that is trailing behind you as you walk. However, there are not only different kinds of lengths, but also different kinds of trains that you can choose from.

The train names themselves can sometimes sound confusing, as they do not say much about how the train really looks. To make it easier for you we made a clear illustration along with the characteristics for each train type out there. Take a look below!

The Watteau train is an unconventional train. It is attached to the very top part of your dress, usually at the shoulders and can either go all the way down and stop by the very hem of your dress, or, for those of you who are looking for a more extravagant look, it can be longer, creating a beautiful trail behind you.

The Detachable/Convertible train, as the name already suggests, is a train that can be detached. This is very handy, since you can make an unforgettable appearance, wowing your guests with a magnificent train that follows your steps and then, once the dancing time come, you can do so very comfortably, by simply detaching the train from your dress

The Sweep/Brush train is the shortest of the trains. It creates a very settle look, yet you have a small piece of fabric, that still ‘’sweeps’’ or ‘’brushes’’, as the name reckons, behind you.

The Court train is a bit longer than the Sweep/Brush train. It is the perfect choice for those of you, who want just a little something more than the settle brush behind you.

The Chapel train is on the edge of the more settle looks that Sweep/Brush and Court trains create and the majestic looks of the Cathedral and Royal/Monarch trains. If you are looking for something right in between, then the Chapel train is the one for you!

The Cathedral train is the ultimate train for beautiful and unforgettable pictures! It will flow behind you through the aisle, leaving your guests enthused and stunned!

The Royal/Monarch train is definitely a true statement piece! The longest of them all, this train is definitely a sight to behold.

Wedding Dress Train Length Guide

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