Beach wedding mermaid tiara will make you look like a princess

Weddings were always an important event – two souls unite into a single union called marriage. So, you need to look gorgeous and one of the best ways to shine bright on this day is using right accessories. They will emphasize you and make your wedding clothes special. When your wedding isn’t just a simple classic ceremony in church, but, for example, on the beach, you just have to wear something that will correspond to this place. And what accessory could be better than tiara? It can make you feel like a queen, it WILL make you feel like a queen. Of course, for a beach wedding, mermaid tiara really corresponds to the spirit of the ceremony. It will associate the bride with the character from fairy tales and movies like “The Little Mermaid”, for example. Imagine, walking along the beach with the sky and sea meeting at the horizon like beloved couple that will be together forever, and you, coming straight to your love, step-by-step, seeing a delight on everyone’s face. I don’t even know what will bring more attention: Dress or this tiara.

But firstly, what is actually a tiara for somebody, who doesn’t exactly understands. It is an elegant crown, but without a pomposity that classic crown associated with. This beautiful headdress was created in Persia – there is no doubt that eastern people had and have taste in jewelry.

But how would it look like? Well, since this a mermaid tiara, it would be made out of beautiful sea “gems” like shells, pearls and the basis of it are sea ornaments made out of gold, decorated with different crystals, brilliants and other jewel. There are more other variations of it with different styles. It can be fully made only of seashells and other similar material, or it can have only theme of mermaid tiara, but made fully of jewel. I definitely think that you should have a combined tiara, so it will look really natural and, at the same time, not cheap, like you’ve bought it in souvenir shop on a vacation you’ve taken several years ago. One of the biggest advantages of tiara is that it will look very flexible and humble in a good way, of course – without any pathos or any sign of raunch.

Of course, when you bought it, you should understand that you need to work on your whole image, because this kind of bijou has to fit your dress, so buy it even before you’ve chosen wedding dress, so you can take it with you and wear it while you are deciding on which dress to buy. You should understand that colors of dress and tiara must be in harmony and don’t break out of the image. And don’t take such types of dress that will fully take all attention from tiara like from a failed haircut.

So, this type tiara will fulfill your childhood dreams and will make you look definitely fabulously. But remember: this accessory is just like other decorations and has to fit your image. And you’ll have a possibility to tell your children that once you’ve been a princess from a fairy tale and your beloved second half will agree with you with pleasure, remembering that wonderful moment.

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