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A Simple Wedding Planning Checklist for Your Big Day

You just said yes to your partner, and you can already hear the wedding bells in your head. You can’t contain your happiness as you start to think of your dream wedding. You imagine your cute wedding dress, the smiles on your maids’ faces, and the venue of your wedding. But the more you think about it, the more it dawns on you that all these things need planning – proper planning. You feel anxious and afraid of ruining what could be the best day of your life. That’s where a wedding planning checklist comes in handy.

The wrong approach is thinking of your wedding as a one-time event that needs you to sort everything at once. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed, and you risk forgetting something crucial for the wedding.

Instead, try breaking down your wedding needs and plans into little chunks that are easy for you to handle. This way, you will solve each wedding planning activity one at a time. A pro tip is to pick a wedding date 12 to 15 months away. This way, it is easy to pick one wedding planning activity and dedicate a month to solve it. Sounds simple, right?

That’s because we’ve just described a wedding planning checklist. Its work is to simplify wedding planning and help you have your dream wedding.

Here’s a simple wedding planning checklist that you can use for your wedding to make it an absolute success.

12-14 months before the wedding

This is the time to structure your wedding and give it a frame. Around this time, one of the activities is to decide on design inspiration. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspirational images for your wedding. Of course, you have your dream wedding in mind. But seeking outside inspiration can be pretty insightful.

Decide on your budget during this time. No one likes crunching numbers – unless you’re a mathematician or an accountant. But this is something you have to do early for your wedding to guide the rest of the planning process.

Plus, deciding the budget early gives you ample time to save or seek alternative cash sources.

Also, this is the time for you to book your venue. Decide the place you want to wed and check if it’s available. Pick the specific date for your wedding and book the venue. Remember to factor in logistics, especially if you decide to have different venues for the wedding, the photoshoot, and the reception.

9 months to the wedding

Now that your wedding date is locked, book everything else you’ll need. Check out bands and other entertainers you’d like to perform at your wedding. Confirm their availability on the wedding day and book them.

Pick your wedding outfit during this time. However, remember you’ll need about three to four fitting schedules before the wedding. However, veil shopping can wait until two months before the wedding.

Also, book a catering service around this time if your reception venue does not have one. Decide the food and drinks to be served during the wedding.

6 months to the wedding

Design your invitation cards. Hire someone such as a calligrapher to help you. Choose a design that matches your wedding theme to make things interesting and elegant. Send them out as soon as they are ready.

Also, this is the time to shop for wedding dresses! These days, you have so many options for buying dresses, whether it be online or in-person. The flexibility of buying wedding dresses online has made it easier – and quicker – to find the dress that best fits your needs. You also want to consider bridesmaids’ dresses. The time is ample for designing and sizing the dresses, and you’ll want to work with a company that can deliver on time.

You should also meet the officiant and confirm that all the legal documents for the wedding are ready.

Compose the wedding day program that includes all the activities that you want.

4 months before the wedding

It’s time to order the cake for your wedding. Check out different bakers and taste their cakes. Attending several cake tastings helps you decide the best cake for the wedding. Book a cake as soon as you find one you like. Some bakers need months to meet specific demands.

Choose a music playlist that you like. This can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. Choose songs that you love, and your guests will love.

2-3 months before the wedding

It’s time to buy the rings. Check if the rings fit and return if they don’t.

Also, finalize the menu and drinks, countercheck all other processes,

2 months to the wedding

With two months to go countercheck everything. Talk to all the people you‘ve hired to ensure they come to the wedding.

Wedding week

With one week to the wedding, you don’t want to be stressed. Still, remember to call the entertainers and other people you’ve contracted to do something at the wedding. Remind them of the wedding day.

All this seems like a lot of work. However, since you deserve the best wedding, being this busy is a small price to pay. Hiring a wedding planner early enough in the planning helps to free some of your time.

Parting short

Your wedding is your special occasion that may come once in a lifetime. Breaking down the wedding planning activities to make a list is helpful. Dividing the wedding planning activities into different months makes the planning process less overwhelming and manageable.

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